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Health Articles Does dieting work?
You are considering going on a diet to lose weight. There are 3 key points to consider. Many people lose weight, but few can maintain it. The problem with diets is keeping the weight off. You cannot stay on a diet ...
Health Articles Exercise and nutrition
Why exercise? Benefits of regular activity are better posture, self esteem, and weight management, better energy levels, better strength in muscles and bones, and reduced risk of heart disease. How much exercise? Scientists say that if you accumulate 60 minutes of light activity/exercise every day you will improve health.
Health Articles How many calories do you really need?
To hear people talk, you'd think metabolism was the only factor that comes into play when determining body weight. A skinny person may shrug off their ability to polish off a burger and large fries and never gain an ounce with "I have quick metabolism," while an overweight person may say slow metabolism is to blame for their extra body ...
Health Articles Obesity: what is it?
Obesity simply means an accumulation of body fat. In the medical world, it is determined by using a Body Mass Index (BMI), which measures weight in relation to your height. To calculate your Body Mass Index, go to our Body Mass Index ...
Health Articles Diet traps
There are some mindsets that can derail even the best weight-loss intentions. And while making over your body is a great goal, it's possible that to reach it, you also need a mental makeover - at least where your attitudes and beliefs about dieting are ...
Health Articles With so many food choices, how do I decide what is healthy?
Grocery stores are great because they contain everything you need in one convenient location, are set up as long aisles for easy maneuvering, and even have speedy checkout. But with so many food choices at the grocery store, how do we know which ones are good ones? The key to making great choices involves planning and knowing what to look for when you are planning for meal times.
Health Articles Goodbye belly fat
In a world of processed foods and fatty snacks, there is much concern over weight gain and obesity. For those of us who tend to carry the weight in our stomach area, this makes you at a higher risk of having a heart attack or stroke.
Health Articles Dieting in a healthy way
Those of us who have tried to start a new diet have often met with frustration when it comes to a new way of monitoring our health and nutrition. The key to meeting weight loss goals lies in not only in a change of diet, but also in the will to stick to it.
Health Articles Why is cellulite so hard to fight?
Many women attempt to fight the cellulite fight - but is the struggle worth it? Get answers to 6 common cellulite uncertainties.
Health Articles Diabetes and the benefits of exercise
Learn why people with diabetes can greatly benefit from regular physical activity.

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