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Health Articles Addiction: relapse prevention
Treatment programs If you are medically unstable, if you have a history of complications, such as seizures, during detoxification, if your living environment would make early abstinence difficult, or if you have tried as an outpatient and failed before, you might need to be in a residential ...
Health Articles ADHD: basic information
Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may present different problems at each stage of life, depending on the demands a person faces. Infants who later go on to have difficulties with ADHD may be described as colicky, insistent, or ...
Health Articles ADHD: diagnosis
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a clinical diagnosis, meaning that the doctor can only determine if someone has ADHD by taking a good history, asking about symptoms, and learning about the person's development, family background, and family psychiatric history.
Health Articles ADHD: treatment
A full assessment and education about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is the beginning of treatment. ADHD causes suffering: psychological hurt, failure, and conflict with others. The understanding that difficulties with attention are at the heart of some of this suffering may lead to relief.
Health Articles Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder vs. addiction
I have a bit of a problem with the diagnosis of attention deficit disorder or ADHD. No doubt, this is a serious condition afflicting some children, adolescents, and adults, making their life hell. For this carefully diagnosed group of people, treatment of their ADHD using behavioral therapy with or without medications allows them to participate in school, social, and work activities they might otherwise be denied.
Health Articles Autism - diagnosis and consultation
There isn't a medical test to determine if a person has autism. Your child's doctor may order tests to rule out health problems or disabilities that have similar symptoms, but otherwise, a diagnosis is made through observation of how a child behaves and communicates, and how he or she is developing compared to other children the same ...
Health Articles Autism - signs and causes
Children develop at their own pace. For example, some take longer to utter their first word, acquire new skills, or learn to respect other people's feelings. Eventually, most kids move past these challenges, but for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and their families, issues concerning language, behavior, and social skills are a fact o ...
Health Articles Burnt out? Or thyroid condition?
Tired? Always go to bed early? Mood low frequently? Don't just write this off as a normal and untreatable part of married life. You may instead have a thyroid disorder and not know it. A recent study in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that nearly 10% of adults suffer from some form of thyroid disease, most often a condition called subclinic ...
Health Articles Does your child have "inattentive type" ADHD?
Answer some simple questions to find out if your child may have "inattentive type" ADHD.
Health Articles Don't second-guess your prescription medications
When I say that my wife is noncompliant, I mean that she never follows the financial advice I so freely give her, "which is the main reason," she often tells friends, "that my business is ...

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